US County Income 1969-2017

This documents the creation of the data set: uscountypcincome.gpkg that is used in the following chapter(s):

  • 09_inequality

Note that because of the large size of the file, the consuming notebook reads a remote version of the file. We do not store the file in this repository. The file can be reconstructed locally using the notebooks below.

Data Sources

The original files, and the final geopackage, have been archived at gdsbook/data_archive/us_county_income

  • has attribute data for per capita income for US counties 1969-2017

  • has the geometries for the counties

The data archive has urls back to the original sources for the downloads.

File Generated

  • uscountypcincome.gpk Final geopackage with US county per capita incomes 1969-2017


To reproduce the dataset, run the following notebook.

  • us_county_income_clean.ipynb