Today is the big day. In 2018 (!), we started conversations to turn learning resources we had been developing for a while into a paper copy book you could buy if you wanted, and always use for free on the web. CRC agreed and, in 2019, our contract was signed. Initially planned to be finnished much earlier, the world had different plans for us all… As we say in Spain, late is better than never. As our CRC agent let us know this morning, the book is officially published worldwide:

Last week, we also received our own copies:

In preparation for this day, earlier in the spring, we tagged the repository with the version that is closest to what you can buy in print:

So, it’s out there. In the wild. If you want to know a bit more about the ideas behind writing the book, you can check out our earlier post. And remember, today is the day where you can start buying the book if you want to show support for the project, but the content is (and always will be) openly available and updated, to the best of our abilities, at:

Happy hacking!

Serge, Levi and Dani.

Ps. If you want to order your own copy, official page is: