It’s been a few months and, arguably, a few (pandemic) bumps along the road since we announced this project back in August’19. The good news is we’re almost done! We have submitted a first full draft to CRC and are putting the very final touches before sending over to production.

The even better news is you can still help us make this book a more awesome and neatly crafted one. Now the bulk of our writing is done, we need as many eyes as we can muster to squash perky typos, catch any error we may have made, and make the book read as clearly as possible for someone who’s not spent a substantial amount of intimate time among its pages over the last three years. We are putting out a community call to see if we can get a hand from folks.

Here’s how you can help. Geographic Data Science with Python has been open for you to read, study, and run since Day 1. That means our entire process of writing, deliberation, and progress has been out for everyone to see. This has not been the most useful for most people, beyond a few curious minds who enjoy seeing things coming into being. But now that the project is starting to look more and more like a full book, maybe you want to take a look. Maybe you want to read through some of its chapters. Or maybe you even want to try running its code (all fully tested and reproducible!), either on Binder with no install required, or on your own laptop. In any case, we would love it if you could report any bug, typo, or comment you have about the book.

How can you report anything on the book? Very simple. Please open an issue on Github:

You will need a Github account, which you can set up for free in a couple of minutes. If you don’t have an account and don’t want to set one up but would like to report, you can contact either of us directly and we’ll report it for you.

We are thrilled about getting the full book out in the wild for you to enjoy. We are almost there. We only need a final push, and a little bit of help from you :-)

Happy hacking,

Serge, Dani & Levi